Thursday, January 10, 2008


Specifies the relationship between two business components. The relationship can be one-to-many (1:M), such as parent/child, or many-to-many (M:M).

A link defines a one-to-many (or master-detail) relationship between two business components. The Link object type makes master-detail views possible, in which one record of the master business component displays with many detail business component records that correspond to the master.


A Join object definition creates a relationship between a business component and a table other than its base table.

This relationship allows the business component to use columns from the other table. The join uses a foreign key in the business component to obtain rows on a one-to-one basis from the joined table, even though the two tables do not necessarily have a one-to-one relationship.

Join have 1:1 and Many:1 RelationShip.

Drill Down

Drilldowns allow users to click a hyperlink in a field and be taken to another view that displays more information about the field. Drilldowns are used primarily in list applets. The drilldown object is a child object of applet. Drilldown behavior is not supported on MVG applets, pick applets, or association applets.

Drilldowns can be either STATIC or DYNAMIC:

1 A static drilldown always takes the user to the same view.

2 Dynamic drilldown enables hyperlink navigation to multiple views from the same hyperlink field, depending on the value of a field in the applet's current record.